Mapping Emotions 

The main goal of this project is to improve peoples overall well-being through the act of walking and exploration. Its well documented that walking can have a range of benefits when it comes to a person's mental and physical wellbeing and through my sculptural glass forms I hope to provide an incentive for people to take part in these sorts of exercises. 

The incentive I'm introducing is that by completing a walk an individual will receive one of these objects as they themselves are created from the journey that has been completed, making each piece unique and personal. 

The app Strava is typically used for tracking exercise and sports. In my case, I use this app to track walks. The app provides me with a map of the walk as well as data such as distance, time and elevation that I use to create a 'physical snapshot' of the journey that has been embarked upon. 


Strava Map.png

Strava map used to create my first piece using this process.

The object itself is a wall-mounted sculptural glass piece made up of individual panes of glass held together with 3D printed connector pieces in a geometric shape modelled from the data provided by the Strava app. There are LED's running around the perimeter of the object which can be programmed to be different colours at certain points. The reasoning behind this is that the different colours represent the varying emotions and experiences that happened during the walk. The surface of the glass is also sandblasted with the various roads and pathways from the map to help convey the narrative of the piece.

Process Video 

Initial sketches from the start of the project


Development of 3D printed connectors and CAD models from the Strava map 

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.22.07.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.20.54.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.23.04.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.15.56.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.27.49.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.29.10.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.31.12.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.30.01.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.32.50.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 00.33.45.png
Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 14.47.42.png
3d print.png
Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 04.46.35.png
Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 15.09.06.png
Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 05.34.14.png

Final Outcome