Tradition & Inovation

This is a project that I developed during my second year of university and is in many ways, the starting point for the work I do today. This project marks the first time I tried the copper foiling technique of producing stained glass objects and is the reason for my love of glass as a material

As the title suggests Tradition & Innovation was about using or taking inspiration from traditional processes, like the making of stained glass, and innovating that process in your own unique way.

In my case, I loved the way that the process of making stained glass linked to the use of vibrant colours and light however its prominent use to make 2D panels was something I wanted to steer clear of. With this in mind, I wanted to explore the boundaries and possibilities of making 3D objects from stained glass. 


Early ideation using the CAD software Fusion 360. I often use CAD software in my work to communicate early idea generation over things like sketching because I believe It's much easier for others to understand my thought process.

Early Testing concentrating on developing my soldering technique as well as looking at the types of reflections that are given off by different colours and types of glass.


Moving into making smaller 3D forms while still experimenting with colour.


As this was a new skill for me this project ended up concentrating on the development of those skills rather than pushing the boundaries of the craft. I felt that I needed to understand the process fully before I tried to take it in my own unique direction 

Final Outcome